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  • Eco Ventflo Extraction Fan - 200mm - Bathroom Exhaust Fan

    SKU: 10324

    The Eco Ventflo 200mm Extractor Fan is suitable for installation in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and toilets.

    It has been designed using twin back draught shutters to prevent warm air escaping from your bathroom into the roof cavity when the exhaust fan is no in use. 

    This helps to maintain a comfortable temperature in the bathroom, meaning less energy is required for heating. It also prevents draughts from entering the room via the ceiling.

    This clever design means the Eco Ventflo is suitable for use in 5-Star Energy Rated homes where exhausting into the roof cavity is allowable.

    Eco Ventflo 200 is suitable for above shower installation with an IPX4 rating and has a dishwasher safe fascia.

    Powerful Extraction: 340m3/h Airflow

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