Leaders in Home Appliances

For over 160 years the IXL brand has been synonymous with high quality consumer products, innovative product development and Australian know-how. From the humble beginnings of a Blacksmith shop, through to the world class manufacturing plant in Geelong, IXL continues to deliver innovative product solutions for your home.



The Early Years

The IXL stove was one of the earliest products stamped with the IXL logo, with patents registered, the innovative direct draught principle proved early on that innovation, quality and specialization was a foundation of the brand. The popularity of the IXL stoves led to a range of household product, with step up features and a progressive sales and marketing approach, utilising key dealers and the Royal Melbourne Show as a key promotional tool. Whilst operating during the first world war, the great depression and second world war, the business continued to successfully manufacture and innovate throughout the years, adapting to the challenges that they faced.







The 1950’s heralded the move into their current site in Wood St Geelong and towards new technologies including gas and electric heating, as well as new finishes such as enamelling. This new in-house enamelling enabled the business to expand into range of bathroom products including baths, basin and vanities






1970’s – 1980’s

In 1977, the design for the original Tastic was submitted and produced that same year. The launch of this product has led to many successful iterations of the Tastic product and has become an iconic product in many bathrooms across Australia. The 1980’s also saw a number of other electrical products launched including heated towel rails and portable heaters, with a view to expand the appliance product range.




tastic neo




1990’s – 2000’s

The next 20 years saw the brand diversify into a range of electrical products including electric BBQ’s and expanded ranges of portable heating. In 2006 a merger was announced with Sampford & Staff to become a leader in premium kitchen appliances, distributing worldwide brands including Gaggenau, Neff, Jenn-Air and Hansgrohe. This merger was complete in 2007 with a new company created called Sampford IXL to operate with a wide portfolio of brands and product categories.

In 2008, the Tastic product platform was transformed again with design and innovation at the forefront of the product development, with the launch of the Tastic Neo. This new platform presented a premium range of heat, light and vent products for the bathroom and continued the trajectory of the Tastic platform into the premium bathroom space.



ixl fresco



2010 & beyond..

Ongoing product development, innovation and diversification led to the creation of the Fresco range of Outdoor heating & lighting solutions in 2017. Drawing upon many years of experience with heat and lighting, the Fresco range also represents IXL’s first ‘connected’ product with app operation. As we move into an increasingly connected world, IXL will continue to represent the forward thinking, in to providing practical and innovative solutions for the home environment. This vision has been the underlying tenet of the brand from 1858 through to today, and beyond.