Australia's Leaders in Exhaust Fans and Bathroom Heating

IXL Appliances has been helping Australians with their exhaust fans and extraction needs for many years. This gives us the experience and expertise to help you with advice and knowledge. Our team takes pride in our commitment to customer satisfactionk with our ability to provide exceptional service based on our industry knowledge at the heart of our service. This means that more people trust us to help them with their moisture extraction requirements wherever they are in teh country.

IXL invented the iconic Tastic range of heating products more than 30 years ago. Still proudlyAustralian made, the Tastic range represents the pinnacle of workmanship and quality. We have become a household name due to our expertise and innovations in the industry, with the Tastic range the corner stone of our business.

IXL Tastics are the original, three-in-one bathroom heat, light and exhaustion fan units designed to warm your body instantly via infrared heat lamps when you're drying off. IXL tastics keep bathrooms free from steam and moisture build up, and provide general illumination.

Renowned for their quality and efficiency, IXL TAstics are supported by a five year, in-home warranty, and two year replacement warranty on heat lamps and the in-line exhaust fans. 

The new IXL Tastic Neo range and Neo Module offer elegant, unobstrusive design and special feature options such as tngsten halogen heating lamps, directional LED downlights, and an in-line exhaust fan system that vents directly outside the home.