Pit n Grill - Standard Kit


Add to your outdoor a firepit with rotisserie brackets which allows you to cook up a delicious spit roast with a rotisserie shaft and motor.

Rotisserie kit not included.

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  • Solid painted high temperature powder coat steel construction.
  • Removable 4mm steel legs for easy storage.
  • Rotisserie arm included to fit rotisserie for roasting (rotisserie motor and mounts not included)
  • Shallow bowl design for enhanced light and radiant heat distribution

  1. UPC
  2. Finish/Colours
  3. Made in Australia
  4. Weight of Unit (kg)
  5. Unit Dimensions (mm)
    820mm x 820mm x 170mm
  • Is the rotisserie kit (motor and shaft) included?
    No. This must be purchased separately from a local retailer of rotisseries.

  • What rotisserie motor will fit my Pit n Grill?
    Not all rotisseries will fit the brackets, therefore we recommend the Gasmate Rotisserie range.  Either the battery or 240v motors will work with our brackets.

  • What surface should I place my fire pit on?
    Always use this outdoor fire pit on a hard, level non-combustible surface such a concrete, rock or stone. Do NOT use on wooden decks.

  • What type of fuel should I use in my fire pit?
    This outdoor fire pit is recommended for use with dry, seasoned hardwood. It will burn hotter, more completely and create less smoke. Or with heat beads and charcoal when cooking.

  • How do I look after my BBQ plates?
    It’s important to always keep your Fire Pit’s grill or flat plates well oiled, before and after cooking. This will prevent rust! Before cooking on your Fire Pit for the first time ensure you season your cooking plates as per the instructions.

  • How do I care for my fire pit?
    Our fire pits are designed to allow for natural rusting, giving them a charming rustic appeal. To ensure longevity removing the ashes is very important as they are very acidic and destructive to both metal and masonry.