The acclaimed Tastic Neo is now available as three individual modules to allow you to customise your bathroom heating, lighting and exhaust fan extraction like never before.

Following the success of our bestselling Neo range, the IXL industrial design team consulted architects and interior stylists to create a truly remarkable update.

The result is a uniquely flexible and discreet design with three modules that can standalone or work in unison.

Each of the three modules is available in either an all-white or silver powder-coated aluminium finish and is sure to equally impress designers and home renovators looking for sleek, adaptable solutions.


Neo Vent Module

The Neo Vent module keeps your bathroom healthy and moisture free, with a deluxe vent design you won’t want to hide away. Banish odours and eliminate water vapour with a discreet design that won’t draw the focus away from your carefully appointed bathroom interior.

Best suited to: Position above the shower, dryer or anywhere steam or moisture resides. 

Neo Vent ‘n’ Lite Module

The Vent ‘n’ Lite module boasts LED down lights that allow you to direct light where you need it most; combined with a minimal look for enjoying your daily rituals in perfect comfort. Pair the Vent ‘n’ Lite module with mood lighting for an instant upgrade.

Best suited to: Anywhere you need simple task lighting and ventilation. 


Neo Heat Module

For contemporary and sophisticated heating, indulge in the Neo Heat module’s  powerful 800-watt Tungsten Halogen heat lamp, which provides instant warmth. This is a step forward in design and a convenient add-on to your existing bathroom setup.

Best suited to: Position above the bathtub for the ultimate bathing experience or anywhere you require radiant heating. 

These three single components can be purchased and built upon as needed. Start with one module and expand as required.

Australian designed and manufactured and fully customised to your needs, the IXL Neo range is the best match for premium home interiors.

As always, we recommend using our handy extraction calculation tool before installing our products. To find out more, local customer service is just a phone call away or click here find your nearest IXL retailer.

19 October 2015