sonic bathrooms

Sinking into the bath in absolute silence is one of life’s little luxuries, but sometimes we need some get-up-and-go in our morning routine. Create a musical oasis in your bathroom to enhance your daily ritual.

Stream tunes to suit your mood from a discrete corner of the bathroom for a calming morning atmosphere or a fun vibe for getting ready.

Look to the ceiling for a hidden nook and choose a wireless speaker device with bluetooth capability. This will ensure the unit sits flush to the wall and achieves a streamlined look without a web of cables.

When choosing a sound unit for your bathroom, seek out speaker models that are durable and waterproof so they can handle humidity and steam. Installing an IXL Tastic Neo for your bathroom heating, lighting and ventilation will help ensure your bathroom is a well lit and moisture free zone.

If you’re having trouble finding bathroom specific speakers, here’s a handy hint: weatherproof outdoor speakers, like the Q Acoustics range are perfectly suited to the wet environment of your bathroom.

For small bathroom spaces, utilise your space saving storage to position a small wireless unit or compact iPod dock. We love this wooden model, perfectly suited to a well-ventilated, masculine or earthy bathroom interior.

Get the energy pumping in your shower cubicle with the Braven Mira bluetooth radio. This gadget is sleek and stylish, and hooks over your showerhead for a sophisticated singing session.

Alternatively, install a showerhead that doubles as a music player. The Music Jet is a sophisticated bluetooth Showerhead with a built in music speaker that links to your mobile phone’s playlist. Be warned, incoming phone calls will also be redirected to your shower too!

Or, for the ultimate in acoustic design, this vibrant tub has built-in hidden speakers so you can feel the music as you hear it – heaven.