Outdoor entertaining has never been more versatile than with the IXL Pit n Grill, a fire pit that combines flame grilling and rotisserie capability in one stylishly designed unit. Available in starter, standard and deluxe kits, there is a Pit n Grill product for every home’s needs.

The IXL Pit n Grill is ideal for backyards, gardens or camping sites and creates a warm and enticing atmosphere out of any space. Light and heat distribution is enhanced through the durable 1.6mm steel constructed bowl, creating a 360-degree focal point and allowing easy access for flame grilling or marshmallow roasting. The Pit n Grill’s low-lying design lets you admire the open fire even when seated.

The Pit n Grill Deluxe Kit takes fire pit cooking to the next level with its inclusions of BBQ plates and rotisserie brackets. Both a grill and flat plate are provided to make the Pit n Grill your one stop shop for an incredible flame grilled dinner, perfect for entertaining. Impressing your guests is even easier with the rotisserie arm that allows you to produce a delicious spit roast with ease.

Creating the perfect centrepiece to your campsite is now as effortless as simply setting up your Pit n Grill, and the high temperature powder coated steel construction ensures safety in any environment. The included plate remover tool allows you to switch between BBQ and fire pit functions with ease and ensures minimal handling of hot grilling plates. The tool doubles as a bottle opener for maximum functionality on your campsite, keeping your Pit n Grill useful without even being lit.

The IXL Pit n Grill has a comfy, cosy and contemporary design and is a great addition to a backyard entertaining setting. Its durable and low-maintenance design makes it perfect for building into a permanent fire pit space, creating endless options for fitting the Pit n Grill into your landscape design.

The IXL Pit n Grill is proudly designed in Australia and comes with a two-year warranty.