Open plan bathrooms, most popular in luxury hotels or health spas, can be applied to your home with great affect. There are however a few hurdles to overcome to ensure this trend works best with your space. Follow our Do’s and Don’ts for stress free planning and expert layout tips.



Create a Focal Point

The purpose of an open plan bathroom is to do away with the visual barriers of separated areas. To pull the space together, be sure to anchor your bathroom with a central item. A bath, whether it’s traditional or contemporary, above ground or sunken, is an excellent choice.

Consider Privacy

Position the toilet in a hidden corner or separately from the bathroom, to avoid any awkward onlooking! A simple screen or mid-level wall will also do the trick.

Manage Moisture

It’s important to avoid the issue of excessive humidity and moisture that will permeate the entire shared bathroom space. Investing in a quality ventilation system such as a premium exhaust fan will ensure a drier and healthier environment. Make sure you calculate your extraction requirements to ensure your system is the right fit for your bathroom. Use our Extraction Guide to work out what you need before making a purchase.

Look Out

There’s nothing that says open plan quite like an outdoor bath. Look for ways to incorporate a garden experience into your design for a statement bathroom with a breath of fresh air. A simple enclosed courtyard is an affordable approach, suitable for small spaces too.


Mix and Match

Steer clear of a mixture of tiles and textures. Look for neutral, timeless tones that can be applied throughout the walls and flooring. This will maximise your chance of achieving a cohesive setting.


Use Single layers

Avoid a boxy environment by adding a touch of separation to your open plan bathroom with a small platform or a sunken focal feature.


Limit Your Dimensions

Don’t rely purely on the three or four walls your open plan bathroom is structured from. There’s some inventive ways to create new cavities or partitions that can form new freestanding areas.


Adopt The Lemming Look

Avoid building a bathroom that follows trends too much! There’s still ways to add your personality to a modern, open plan bathroom. A feature mirror or sculptural tap fixture can be all it takes to stamp your style.