space saving bathrooms

Itty-bitty bathrooms can be a testing interiors challenge. Whether it’s a condensed apartment space with a shared laundry / bathroom or a modest guest bathroom in need of an upscale touch, we’ve rustled up five design tricks to help broaden your decorating approach.

Lead the Way

Diagonal patterns in flooringtile motifs or  accessories add optical depth to your space. Likewise, by incorporating a visual focus near the ceiling with a trim of bold colour or a modern light fitting means you’re adding much needed height to your tiny area.

Shine a Light

When your bathroom is shrouded in shadows it’s hard to feel like you’re in a luxury environment. Welcome natural light in by keeping windows bare from blinds and curtains. You can still maintain your privacy with a splash of greenery or frosted glass.

Investing in cabinet down lighting, spotlights or a Hollywood mirror are guaranteed to brighten up dark nooks and forgotten corners. For the combined effect of bathroom lighting, heating and ventilation, look no further than the broad range of IXL comfort systems.

Custom Made

Jump at any chance to have your storage or washing machine recess custom built for your space. Bespoke pieces allow you to explore materials and designs that suit your personality down to a tee and fit snugly into your bathing quarters.

Maximise opportunities for a clutter free look by choosing translucent materials. Look at every surface and find a way to remove opaque finishes. Glass shower doors, glass fronted cabinets or sheer accessories are a few little tweaks to extend the eye line and add buoyancy to your room.


Narrow it Down

Make way for more movement in your bathroom by replacing benchtops, shelving and even the sink, with skinnier versions. The small widths and narrow surfaces don’t mean you have to sacrifice your essentials. Once you’ve de-cluttered your boxy cupboards for your new streamlined fittings, you’ll be amazed what toiletries you can still fit in.

15 December 2015