There is no room as personal in your home as your en suite bathroom, so why not treat yourself to some luxury? There are many different features to consider including in your en suite to take it to the next level.


When planning your en suite layout, don’t cram it. Bigger bathrooms make you feel like you have time to move around and are therefore more relaxing. It’s important to remember your designer or architect in this process. They will have the experience to guide you through clever options for making your space both roomy and functional.

Highlighting and illumination

Having more than one source of lighting is essential for creating a luxurious feel in your bathroom. Highlighting your makeup/shaving mirror and featuring areas in your bathroom or even your bath itself helps to create that special atmosphere. Don’t forget about using mirrors and working with your natural light too. For added comfort consider installing an elegant, IXL Tastic Neo Single heat lamp and ventilation system.


Choosing a spa over a bath is a luxurious and relaxing option, and is a brilliant thing to feature in your bathroom. It’s a small upgrade visually, as many modern baths are built in the shape of spas, but the tangible relaxation achieved through a spa is a luxury worth investing in.


Nothing makes us want to escape more from a bathroom than to be freezing! Ensuring you install multiple sources of heating from the beginning saves a lot of hassle and goose bumps later on. A combination such as floor heating, a heat lamp, and heated towel racks are sure to get you through cold winters.