Bring a bit of magic to the bath-time routine for the kids with these imaginative games and cheeky techniques! We guarantee you’ll have your water babies splish splashing in no time.

Set the Scene

Avoid any resistance to bathing by creating an irresistible setting. Put up a kids-only shower curtain, lay down a fluffy mat and have colourful bath towels at the ready. Reserving these items just for bath-time makes it extra special. Store bath toys in a special storage box, which doubles as a stepping-stone into the bath to add to the sense of adventure.

Jungle Fever

Gather all your indoor plants (or any plant in need of water!) and arrange them around the bath. Don’t forget to include hanging macramé greenery by attaching them to the shower rail. You’ll end up with a jungle oasis to encourage tales of lion hunters and Tarzan and let your children explore the wonderful world of plants. Pop a tiny watering can into the bath and this idea entertains kids whilst ticking off a chore too.

Beach Bath

Just like our jungle bath idea, the beach bath is an instant hit. A beach ball and some paper sea gulls stuck to the wall are enough to get you started. For a more sensory experience, include a collection of seashells and pop in some plain cooked spaghetti for seaweed!

Make Soap their Friend
Now you have them in the bath, it’s time for the dreaded hair wash. If your children wiggle out of soapsuds, distract them by making some simple interactive soap dispensers or make washing fun with characterful bath mitts.

Art in the Bath
For hours of entertainment, you can make these non-toxic watercolours for playtime. The paint applies easily to bath surfaces and tiles, and better yet it wipes right off.