Simone Haag has the enviable title of ‘Melbourne’s Style Contributor’ at popular Australian interiors magazine, Real Living. With a love of mid-century modern and an impeccable eye for colour, we quizzed Simone on ways to integrate her sophisticated styling into home bathrooms of all sizes.

What do you predict the biggest bathroom trend to be for 2015? 

I feel as though there is a shift to having pieces in the bathroom that aren't necessarily fixed - be it a wall hung mirror, a towel rail leaning (such as my favourite from Menu available from Norsu) or an element of freestanding furniture such as a stool.

What's your top colour choice for painting bathrooms? 

Funnily enough, I am going to say a really deep forest green. It’s beautiful against a crisp white tile with black grout and an industrial style wall light.

Any nifty tips for decorating small bathrooms? 

The shower curtain! It’s such an easy device to maximise space. They add texture too, and better yet, you can throw it in the wash weekly to make them feel fresh and new.

What other fabric textures and linens are you currently loving?

There are some exceptional Japanese bathroom linen products that I’m loving, particularly some linen wash cloths from Analogue Life.

What types of plants are best for bathrooms?

I am definitely no green thumb. I usually rely on the expertise from the team at Loose Leaf for any planting, but something like a Heartleaf Philodendron always works for me.

 Visit Simone’s blog for beautiful interior techniques you can utilise throughout the other rooms of your home.

12 April 2016