Changes in technology and appliances have allowed us to spend more time in bathrooms that are more comfortable sanctuaries than ever before. It can be a very therapeutic part of daily life to spend time alone in a luxurious bathroom.

In addition to other design priorities, such as bathtubs, vanities, colour palettes and textiles in the bathroom (see our top 5 design trends), lighting is also growing into an essential aspect of creating both a functional and ambient bathroom.

Interiors experts recommend starting with the four bathroom lighting types to assess whether your needs are related primarily to task, accent, decorative 'sparkle' or ambience. 

Task lighting is for that precise shave, eyebrow plucking or make-up application and most importantly, your self-confidence! Best positioned on or around your mirror (like a pair of sconces at eye level) to avoid shadows that could age you 10 years.

You could use accent lighting to showcase art or other decorative aspects of your bathroom; or decorative light fittings to add an artistic flair or sparkle to the room. Ambient lighting acts as a 'fill light' and can be created with a pendant fixture or hidden, indirect light fixture. LED lighting is optimum for all of these purposes.

Whether lights are positioned for task, accent, decorative sparkle or ambience (as downlights, wall or mirror lights), LEDs provide a much wider range of colour 'temperatures' than the traditionally warm, yellow glow of incandescent light bulbs (although you can get these in LED lights too). Make sure you choose an LED light that gives the room an inviting feel and illuminates those who use the room in the most attractive way.

It’s not only the quality of LED lights that is enticing; the cost of electricity to run them can reduce the lighting portion of your household electricity bill. While LEDs are a little more expensive initially, the return on investment comes with lower bills, longer-lasting bulbs and better-quality light. According to internationally renowned design site, Houzz, 'LEDs can last for up to 25,000 hours and use 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

IXL is introducing a specially designed LED in a downlight style with a GU10 fitting (expected late February 2014). We are super excited about our LED offering, which has been specially designed to fit our Australian made IXL Tastic® Neo range.

When used with the Tastic® Neo range, these LEDs create the perfect combination of heatingexhaust fans and ambient task lighting. They create a very white light that is close to natural daylight and a very broad angle of light dispersion (100 degrees), compared with other LED products on the market, which results in an evenly lit bathroom for your daily routines.

Unlike many other LEDs, the biggest advantage of the IXL Neo LED is that it’s fully sealed leaving the light unaffected by steam in a bathroom.

View our full range of Tastic® Neo lights when designing your dream bathroom.