Not many of us have genius storage like this bath with built-in bookshelf; but you can still create order from chaos by incorporating savvy storage ideas into the nooks and creases of your bathroom.

Firstly, look at your bathroom with a fresh perspective and seek out unused spaces. You’ll be surprised what areas you can re-imagine. Try an elegant tray on the top of your toilet, baskets under sinks or even shelving at the end of the bath.

Seek out furniture with double duties. Mirrors with vanity cupboards or storage stools are common examples. Where possible, mount furniture off the ground to create the illusion of more floor area.

For bare walls don’t be afraid of creative solutions, like leaning up a vintage wooden ladder and hanging with draped towels. Wooden crates are another welcome change from plain shelving and when painted in soft colours evoke a relaxed beachside interior.

Slim benches work well for maximum storage and a Swedish sauna aesthetic. Line them with industrial wire baskets for a sports locker feel.

Even the smallest details count. Be open-minded with hooks behind doors and look out for varieties that increase space.  Look up to find a place to hang candles or toiletries from the ceiling. You’ll soon feel as if there are storage opportunities at every turn!

Once your new additions are in place, don’t forget to de-clutter inside shelves and cupboards by using drawer organisers and dividers. Some of our favourite ideas are reusing mason jars to store makeup brushes and stowing away underused medicines in retro biscuit tins.

Lastly, for those really pressed for space, invest in a trolley that you can easily store in your laundry or bedroom. When needed, just roll it in filled with your indulgent bath supplies or stock it with femme fatale treats for a romantic cocktail hour!