If your bathroom style needs refreshing, consider an eco-conscious 'greenovation' to turn your bathing space into a lush haven that will save you money, as well as help the planet. Here are six steps to guide you in fitting your sanctuary with the latest eco-friendly items.


Eco Style

The soothing combination of greenery, stone and wood are the starting points for a natural and sustainable bathroom. Incorporate these textures into your splashbacks, shower recess, flooring and cabinetry, and seek out materials that are recycled and sourced locally. Reclaimed wood, vintage tap fittings, and deep baths in need of some TLC are essential to this look. They will add charm and warmth to your planet conscious bathroom.

Low Flow

You might be surprised to learn your toilet uses more water than your shower, dishwasher and even washing machine! Installing a dual flush system on your toilet is the best way to save on the percentage of water consumed in your bathroom. To save water you should choose a fitting with a high star rating.

Similarly, you should invest in an eco-showerhead with a high star rating, to cut down on excess water and energy use. Look out for eco-showerheads with an inbuilt water filter to help remove impurities whilst you wash.

Visit the government's water rating website for details of the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme.



Maximise on natural light wherever possible to help cut down on energy usage. The bathroom is the ideal spot in the house for a skylight, and will help create a sense of space in poky areas.

Install lighting that is practical, green and elegant. The IXL Eco and Easy Duct Tastics are fitted with energy efficient 15W Compact Fluorescent Lights to provide you with general illumination when the Heat Lamps are not required. Neo Tastics are supplied with 3 energy efficient 9W LEDs which provide bright, instant light.



The specially designed IXL Tastic infra-red heat lamps work by heating the person drying off, not the whole bathroom. The heat emitted is instantaneous which means there is no warm up time required.

Solar water heating uses heat direct from the sun to warm your water and can cut significant costs from your energy bills. There is a generous range of government rebates available, so start investigating.


Your ventilation should be efficient and energy conscious too. Replace your standard fan with an IXL model for improved air quality. Models fitted with a back draught shutter will count towards your home’s 5 star energy rating.

You’ll also be reducing mould build up and steam, resulting in cleaner air for the environment and your family.

The Eco and Easy Duct range is fitted with back draught flaps that close automatically when the exhaust fan is not in use. This prevents warm air escaping,  minimises heating and cooling costs and contributes to your home’s 5 star energy rating.


Organic Choices

Avoiding toxic chemicals from cleaning products will not only reduce harmful waste in our waterways, but it will keep your family free from synthetic ingredients that may be dangerous. Visit our Green Bathrooms Pinboard for DIY cleaning products made from natural, non-toxic ingredients.

You can also shop for organic and ethical cleaners, as well as beauty products and body washes, to be sure of the origin and impact of what you’re using.

10 November 2015