bathroom blissConsider going to the dark side
Reflective of broader interior design trends, late 2013 heralded a shift away from the pale colours of a typical bathroom towards dark, dramatic colours. According to well-known interiors blogger, Abigail Ahern, once you go dark you’ll never go back to wishy-washy pale colours. “Once you start living in this magical world there is no return because everything else feels not good enough, bland and boring,” she promises.

In bathrooms, dark colours can be used on the walls or basins or more simply and easily in textiles.

For example, black taps, bathtubs and tiles bring a bold contrast to otherwise neutral and white styles that have been trending in the past. The deep hue adds a dramatic and sultry mood to an otherwise cold room. According to Rogue Homme, a “modern gentleman” and fashion, interiors and lifestyle blogger – just playing with some elements in black adds a modern industrial style while highlighting and showcasing beautiful shapes.

2. Invest in details that you love
For renters or the budget-conscious, it’s an easy and cost-effective option to replace pale or light coloured towels and accessories like soap dispensers or a freestanding, framed mirror with dark or monochrome versions.

Layering and texture can really bring a bathroom to life. Textiles in the form of bath, hand and face towels, or bath and shower mats can take a bathroom from being a bit soul-less and ‘done’ feeling to very inviting with a pop of colour (works well with black or neutral themed bathrooms). For this reason, we love Canningvale towels for their focus on high-quality combined with an extensive range of colours and designs.

3. Floating (freestanding) vanities and baths

Rogue Homme encourages a floating (or freestanding) bathtub or vanity to achieve a luxurious look while also capitalising on your return on investment. Once reserved for more modern looks, you can now find floating pieces in a variety of different styles and to suit a range of bugets. They are fantastic for creating the illusion of more space and often add character to the bathroom. They’re also said to be easier to clean.

4. Look less like a bathroom

Okay, this may sound a little strange but treating practical spaces like kitchens and bathrooms more like living rooms is a big new trend and creates a cosier vibe while reflecting the rest of your home. One of New York’s favourite interiors blogs, Apartment Therapy, states in their bathroom trend predictions for 2014 that 'today’s bathrooms are more individualised, with art, decor, and even furniture being the focus instead of fixtures.'

5. Play with lighting

Lifestyle Channel’s Better Homes and Gardens blog recommends a mix of natural and artificial lighting in bathrooms to balance different times of day (natural light for applying make-up evenly and artificial light to reduce glare when the sun is too bright outside). Fittings with reflective qualities such as ceramics, tiles and mirrors can also further create a light and spacious feel.

As bathrooms are prone to condensation and the resulting mould and moisture problems of high humidity, try boosting ventilation by pairing your lighting with an extraction fan, such as the IXL ‘Neo Dual’ Tastic, (as recommended by Better Homes and Gardens!). The best bit is that it will also make stepping in and out of the shower far less chilly in winter.

You can also challenge the idea of traditional lighting fittings in bathrooms and trying a chandelier or other design feature to bring character, personality and style to your daily bathroom experience.