Ventair Easy Duct Exhaust System

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Fully ducted ventilation unit with 170mm blower. Engineered to seal when not in use - prevents back draughts. Ideal for eco-sensitive designs and 5 star energy rated homes. < br/> Flex and plug included for simple installation.
Extraction rate of 55 litres per second.
AUD 139.99

Colours Available: White

Fan Size: 170mm

Exhaust Capacity m3/h: 198

Exhaust Capacity l/s: 55

Centre Light: No

Watts (Fan in Brackets): 40(40)

To Exhaust Bathrooms With Shower (m3): 9.9m3

To Exhaust Bathrooms Without Shower (m3):  24.75m3

Back Draught Shutters: Yes

Inline Fan Ducted to Outside: Yes

Supplied with Switch Set: No

Warranty: 2 Year Replacement

Made in Australia: Yes

Pack Includes:

6m x150mm flexible duct

2 x interior/exterior grille

1 x in-line exhaust unit


Total Height of unit (Not including Fascia): 215mm

Fascia Dimensions: 165mm x 165mm

Cut Out Size Required: 160mm dia

Total Clearance Height Required (including above unit): 230mm

Weight of Unit (kg): 2.95

Length of Ducting Supplied: 6m x 150mm dia


Installation Instructions - User Guide

ventair userguide

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