Vent n Lite 100 Exhaust Fan 8"

SKU: 10310
The Vent n Lite 100 is a powerful 200mm light and exhaust fan in one unit. It has an exhaust capacity of 75 litres of air per second with upto 100watt centre light for superior illumination. Light and fan can be operated separately the fascia clips off for easy cleaning.
AUD 134.99

Colours Available: White

Fan Size: 200mm

Exhaust Capacity m3/h: 259

Exhaust Capacity l/s: 72

Centre Light: 100W BC (Not included)

Watts (Fan in Brackets): 140(40)

To Exhaust Bathrooms With Shower (m3): 12.95m3

To Exhaust Bathrooms Without Shower (m3):  32.37m3

Back Draught Shutters: No

Inline Fan Ducted to Outside: No

Supplied with Switch Set: No

Warranty: 3 Year Replacement

Made in Australia: No


Total Height of unit (Not including Fascia): 220mm

Fascia Dimensions: 330mm dia

Cut Out Size Required: 265mm dia

Total Clearance Height Required (including above unit): 233mm

Weight of Unit (kg): 2.65

Length of Ducting Supplied: N/A

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