Tastic Neo Vent Module - White

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The Tastic Neo Vent Module can be installed directly over a shower as it is IPX4 rated and has powerful in-line extraction of 375m3/h which is suitable for bathrooms upto 18.75m3 when used on its own.

Position an IXL Vent Module over the shower, or in the laundry or powder room to banish odours and water vapour effectively without the need for a bulky extraction fan.

The Tastic Neo Module comes with a 5 year in-home warranty on the unit and year replacement warranty on inline fan, giving you the peace of mind when you purchase. The product is proudly manufactured in Australia.

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AUD 369.99

Colours Available: White / Silver

Heat Lamps: N/A

Fan Size: 170mm

Exhaust Capacity m3/h: 360 (when using 6m of ducting included)

Exhaust Capacity l/s: 100 (when using 6m of ducting included)

Centre Light: N/A

Watts (Fan in Brackets): (75)

Half Heat Function: N/A

Max. Ceiling Height for Heating (m): N/A

To Exhaust Bathrooms With Shower (m3): 18m3 (when using 6m of ducting included)

To Exhaust Bathrooms Without Shower (m3):  45m3 (when using 6m of ducting included)

Back Draught Shutters: Yes

Inline Fan Ducted to Outside: Yes (6m of ducting included)

Supplied with Switch Set: No

5 Year in Home Warranty: Yes

2 Year Replacement Warranty on Heat Lamps: N/A

2 Year Replacement Warranty on Inline Fan: Yes

Made in Australia: Yes


Total Height of unit (Not including Fascia): 201mm (Neo Unit) 215mm (Inline Fan) 
Fascia Dimensions (LxW): 361mm x 237mm
Cut Out Size Required: 332mm x 214mm
Minimum Clearance Height Required (above inline fan): 15mm
Weight of Unit (kg): 1.5 (Doesn’t include inline fan)
Length of Ducting Supplied: 6m x 150mm dia..

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