Fresco Aurora Outdoor Electric Heater


An outdoor entertaining appliance like no other. IXL Fresco Aurora is an app-controlled outdoor electric heater that combines ambient infrared heat, task lighting and mood lighting in one stylishly designed unit.

Each function can be effortlessly controlled via a free app available to download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, or an optional remote control available to purchase on our website. 

Designed to be suspended from flat or gabled roofs, IXL Fresco Aurora is an outdoor heating solution ideal for external dining areas, verandas and balconies and will transform your outdoors into a cosy, ambient space - all year round. 

Fresco Aurora is safe to use in coastal areas as an outdoor heating system.

Halo Heat™ Technology: Rapid Warmth via a 2 x 1000W Carbon Fibre Heat Lamps with Half-Heat Option 

Strip Lighting: Dimmable, Functional White LED

Mood Lighting: Full Spectrum of Programmable Coloured Mood Lights

Ceiling Mounted: Elegant and Adjustable Pendant Design with an Attractive Medium Bronze Finish 

Simple Operation: Built In Auto-Off Timer, Controlled via Smart Phone App or Optional Remote Control

AUD 1,199.00
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  • IXL Fresco Aurora 

  1. UPC
  2. Finish/Colours
  3. Heat Lamps
    2 x 1000W
  4. Bright Functional Lighting
    2 x 10.5W LED strips (3000k)
  5. Coloured Mood Lighting
  6. Dimmable Task Light
  7. Halo Heat Technology
    2 x 1000W Carbon Fibre Medium Wave IR Heat Lamp
  8. Heat Settings
  9. Min. Installation height
    2.1 (metres off the ground)
  10. Power requirements
    DIY / 2.5m power lead & 3 pin. 10Amp plug
  11. Product Installation
    Ceiling mounted only (Cannot be mounted on a wall)
  12. Remote Control
    Optional Accessory to be purchased separately
  13. Smart Phone App Control
    Yes (Search: IXL Fresco)
  14. Switch ON Unit
  15. Total Watts
    1800 - 2060
  16. Weight in kg
  17. Dimensions (mm)
    1218L x 187H x 250W
  18. IP Rating
  19. Multi Unit Control via App
  20. Ceiling Mounted
  21. Made in Australia

Where should I position my unit?

Your unit should be hanging at least 2.1m from the ground. It should also be positioned a minimum of 300mm from the ceiling (from ceiling to underside of the unit). The unit should be at least 400mm from any outside area or wall.


How long will the heat lamps last?

The heat lamps are expected to last for 5000 hours (approx. 5 hours/day for 3 years). Mood light LEDs are expected to also last for 5000 hours.


What is the standby power consumption?

Standby power is less than 2 watts.


Is the unit suitable for coastal environments?

Yes, the unit is suitable for coastal environments


Can I wall mount Fresco?

No, Fresco cannot be wall mounted. It has been designed to be celing mounted only.


Does the unit come in different sizes?

Fresco is available in only one size.


What area does it heat?

The unit is suitable for a 1-8 person table/lounge area. If you have a larger area you may need to purchase another unit. 


Can I use the Fresco Aurora App to control Fresco model?

The free IXL Fresco Aurora App is only compatible with Fresco Aurora. The IXL Fresco Aurora App is only supported by iOS9 & above for iPhones.


How many amp is the unit?            

8.33 amp


How many units can run on a circuit (10 amp)?

1 unit can run on 1 circuit, assuming no other appliances are using the same circuit. If you have two fresco units you will need 2 circuits.


Can I use an extension cord with my Fresco unit?

No, we do not recommend you use an extension cord.


How do I install a power outlet above my Fresco unit?

Please call a certified electrician to install a power point on your ceiling if you do not have one. Please note that the point should be installed directly above the cord of the unit. Do not install the power point directly above the Fresco unit.


Will my product rust?

Fresco products made with anticorrosive aluminised steel and are powder coated to help prevent rust.


How do I clean my product?

To clean the glass, turn off your Fresco, wait for it to cool then lightly wipe with a glass cleaner. To clean the rest of the unit we recommend using a feather duster or damp microfiber cloth.


I don’t have a smart phone and want to purchase the Fresco Aurora, can I buy an additional/optional remote?

Yes, however if you have Wi-Fi and a router at your house we strongly recommend to pair the Fresco Aurora to your Wi-Fi router. After this you can continue to use the optional remote as desired. 


What is the range of the Fresco in built Wi-Fi module?

20m in ideal conditions.


What happens if I turn off the Wi-Fi signal in my home?

The Fresco Aurora will experience loss of connection and the unit will need to be reset and setup as instructed in the setup guide. It is suggested to keep the Wi-Fi router on to avoid setting up the unit multiple times.


I cannot find my Wi-Fi network on the list of available networks during setup.

Please consider closing and reopening the app as sometimes it may take a little longer for Fresco to find the network.


How many smart devices can be connected to the Fresco Aurora at one time/operate the Fresco Aurora at one given time?

Multiple devices can be connected to the Fresco Aurora at the same time, however we suggest using a single phone to control a single unit, as signal from multiple sources can cause the unit to not function as desired.


How many Fresco Aurora units can be controlled by one device?

A multitude of units can be controlled by one single smart device, however kindly note that if all units are operated via one smart device they will all operate interdependently. You will not be able to operate each unit independently of each other. 

2 Year In-Home Warranty (Domestic).

12 Month On Premises Warranty (Commercial).