Fresco Aurora

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Fresco Aurora combines ambient infrared heat, task lighting and mood lighting in one stylishly designed unit. An outdoor entertaining appliance like no other. Designed to be suspended from flat or gabled roofs and is ideal for external dinning areas, verandas and balconies that will transform your outdoors into a cosy ambient space - all year round.

Fresco Aurora is proudly manufactured in Australia and comes with 2 year in-home warranty or 12 months on premises warranty (Commercial).

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AUD 1,399.00

Halo Heat Technology 2 x 1000W Carbon Fibre Medium Wave IR Heat Lamp
Heat Settings 2
Bright Functional Lighting 2 x 16W LED strips (3000k)
Switch ON Unit Yes
Remote Control Optional Accessory to be purchased separately
Dimmable Task Light Yes
Coloured Mood Lighting Yes
Smart Phone App Control Yes (iPhone & Android)
Power requirements DIY / 2.5m power lead & 3 pin. 10Amp plug
Product Installation Ceiling mounted only (Cannot be mounted on a wall)
Total Watts 1800 - 2060
Rating (Volts) 230 - 240

Minimum Installation height

 2.1 (metres off the ground)
Weight in kg 12
IP Rating: IPX4
LED Light Output (Lumens): 2920
LED Light Output (Watts): 32
Power Conncection: 230-240V
Dimension: 1218 x 249 x 165
Minmum Mounting Height (mm) 2100

Recommended Maximum

Mounting Height (mm):

Lead Length (mm) 2500


NOTE: Mounting the Fresco unit at higher positions will reduce the heaters effectiveness. The Mounting Wire Assembly supplied is 2.0m long and is suitable for ceiling heights of up to 4.0m.


How long will the heat lamps last?

The heat lamps are expected to last for 5000 hours. (Approx. 5 hours/day for 3 years). mood light LED's are expected to also last for 5000 hours.


What is the standby power consumption?

Standby power is less than 2 watts.


Is the unit suitable for coastal environments?

Yes the unit is suitable for coastal environments


Can I wall mount Fresco Aurora?

No, Fresco Aurora cannot be wall mounted. It has been designed to be celing mounted only.


What home networks  are supported in the Fresco Aurora Mobile app?

All 2.4GHz wifi networks are supported. The Fresco Aurora mobile app does work on 5GHz network.


Does the unit come in different sizes?

Fresco Aurora is available in only one size.


What area does it heat?

The unit is suitable for a 1-8 person table/lounge area. If you have a larger area you may need to purchase another unit. 


I don’t have a smart phone and want to purchase the Fresco Aurora, can I buy an additional remote?

Yes but the remote is not yet available for purchase (ETA June 2017). Note: the remote does not have timer or changing “Moods” colours. You can only select one colour.


Can I use the Fresco Aurora App to control Fresco model?

The free IXL Fresco Aurora App is only compatible with Fresco Aurora.

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