Will my Tastic heat my bathroom?

No – your Tastic is designed to provide infra-red radiant heat to warm the body while drying, when standing directly underneath. It is not designed to be a room heater.

What will happen if I leave my heat lamps on without fan operation?

On certain models (Eco & Easy Duct) the fan will commence operation automatically to keep the unit operating at a safe temperature.

When the unit has cooled sufficiently the fan will switch off automatically, while the heat lamps of Classic Tastics will operate normally when the fan is off.


Can I install my Tastic directly above a shower recess?

For safety reasons it is not recommended to install above shower recess. The exceptions are these IP-rated models which are suitable:

  • 35101 – Neo Vent Module
  • 35102 – Neo Vent Module
  • 35401 - Luminate Vent Module (White)
  • 35402 - Luminate Vent Module (Silver)
  • 34401 - Luminate Vent & Light Module (White)
  • 34402 - Luminate Vent & Light Module (Silver)

Please refer to the current Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000 relating to damp situations for further details.

Can I retrofit a remote control to my existing hardwired Tastic?

No, unfortunately this is not possible.

Can the installer rotate the IXL wall switch mechanisms?

Yes, the wall switches can be rotated by a qualified electrical tradesperson.

Can my installer use an alternative wall switch mechanism other than the one supplied with my IXL product?

Yes, your authorised installer can use an alternative switch mechanism.

Do the Neo Single/Dual products have to be installed level?

Yes, they must be horizontal. Tastic products are only designed and approved for use in horizontal applications.

How to get the best extraction results from my exhaust fan

The following is a checklist to ensure that the exhaust product that you install will perform at its optimal level. As every home is different, the installation of the product varies, depending on the installer, room size and roof cavity configuration.


  • To prevent moisture build up, bathrooms need a fan with the capacity to change the air volume of the room at least 15 to 20 times per hour. To ensure that the fan is working correctly, there needs to be air flow coming into the bathroom via an open window or from under a door. Energy ratings under the Australian Building Code may require doorways to the bathroom to be sealed and this combined with a sealed window may reduce the effectiveness of any installed exhaust fan. No matter what brand. Locationofventnlite
  • Check that your ducting is pulled taut in the cavity. If there are any kinks or bends in the ducting, the in-line exhaust fan will not operate effectively.



  • Our online calculator provides information on how to determine what level of extraction you need depending on the room type and size.

  • To ensure adequate ventilation include in your calculations spaces that directly flow into the bathroom such as large, open plan bedrooms, laundries or walk-in robes.

Online Extraction Calculator


  • Bathrooms that have high ceilings, are larger than average (greater than 7.5 m2), or that have an open shower may all require additional ventilation.

  • If there is an open shower, we recommend an additional IP-rated fan above the shower area regardless of the size of the bathroom.  An IXL Eco Ventflo or Tastic Neo Vent Module would be suitable in this instance. 


Replacement Parts

Can I replace my 275 watt heat lamps with 375 watt lamps?

No. You can only use heat lamps which have been fitted and approved for use in your product. The rating label will state the maximum wattage for your product.

What is the maximum recommended light globe wattage that I can install in my Tastic?

Check the rating label for the maximum safe wattage for your product.

What is the part number for my replacement globe?


Part Number  Type of Lamp
12135 100W ES Reflector Centre Globe
12213 Crompton ES Halogen Centre Globe R63 42W Satin 
12253 LED Cuplamps 7W 50mm Dia GU10 4000K (for Tastic Neo)
12281 12W LED R80 Centre Globe
11300 IXL Genuine Heatlamps - 275W
11375 IXL Genuine Heatlamps - 375W
11380 Heat Lamp IR Halogen 800W 240V R7S 258mm long (for Tastic Neo)


Why is my Tastic making noise?

All Tastics create some noise due to the rapid movement of air through the Tastic. Do not remove the Tastic from the ceiling. If service is required, please contact IXLs Service Centre on 1300 727 421 or

My Tastic unit’s extraction fan doesn’t seem to be removing all the moisture and steam from my bathroom?

There are a number of factors that will influence the exhaust fan’s performance.

  1. You can improve your cross ventilation via an open door or window.
  2. There must be adequate ventilation in your roof cavity if exhausting into it so that the steam laden air can dissipate. If the ventilation space is restricted in your roof cavity then an Easy Duct Tastic may be required to duct the exhaust air to outside the home.
  3. If you live in a traditionally cooler climate, in the winter months during hot showers, you may notice that there is more moisture and condensation build up. If this is the case, you may wish to improve your natural ventilation or invest in an additional exhaust fan.
  4. Bathrooms which have high ceilings, are larger than average, or have an open shower may all require additional ventilation.