Who says you need a bath for total indulgence? Turn your shower into a lush oasis with our insider tips for creating a deluxe experience within small spaces.

We look at the best fittings and fixtures, layout ideas and finishing touches to transform your daily showering into a moment of relaxation and calm.

Navigate the Basics

The position and layout of your shower can make all the difference. If you’re remodelling, consider locating your shower close to a frosted window or under a skylight to increase lighting. Showers can often feel boxed in, so maximising the light source will brighten up your experience significantly.

If there’s no opportunity to reposition the shower, a Tastic Neo module is a stylish, unobtrusive lighting solution. The module consists of three LED downlights that can be adjusted to suit your ambient requirements or practical bathroom activities.

Consider building a bench seat into your shower space, to replicate a day spa experience. They’re a simple addition that can double as storage too. If you can’t build a bench, add a small stool instead.

Generally, a glass screen looks sleeker than a shower curtain. There are a few exceptions though. Install a large, billowy curtain for a dramatic effect, or pick out a curtain that’s wild and colourful to stamp some character into your space. Hanging two shower curtains, one at each end of the shower rod, makes for an enjoyable entrance too.

Whilst contemplating your shower basics, you’ll need to make sure your space is well ventilated to expel humid air before it condenses. The Tastic Neo modules are designed to safeguard against harmful spores and prevent mould. Follow these easy steps to select the correct exhaust fan to accommodate your room size.

Zone in on Fixtures

Replace your tired showerhead for a modern copper tone or matt black version. You’ll be amazed what an improvement this can make to your shower space. While you’re considering the showerhead, think about installing multiple showerheads or selecting a model that plays music to you!

Whilst DIY is on your mind, refresh your space by grouting your tiles or swap them completely with more up to date designs and colours. Our Colour Inspiration Pinboard has some beautiful ideas waiting for you, including broody navy palettes and bright neon accents.

Another fixture for the ultimate in showering, is installing heat globes. Tastic Neo Heat Modules produce a sundrenched effect, especially indulgent when exiting the shower on a chilly day.


Tune into to your Senses

To wind down when showering, you’ll need to transform it into a clutter free practice. Start by transferring all your packaged wash products into vintage dispensers, dishes or bottles for an aesthetically pleasing display on your bathroom vanity or shelves. It makes a world of difference to have a serene, label-free vista.

Surround yourself with greenery by hanging plants overhead or adding them to your shelving and windowsill. Orchids thrive in humid conditions, whereas Swiss Cheese plants and Air plants require very little soil or light making them a hardy choice for the bathroom.

Invigorate your senses with sweet smelling bouquets of rosemary, eucalyptus or lavender gathered around your showerhead. The steam will carry the fragrance throughout your bathroom and give you the soothing benefits of aromatherapy.

Finally, make sure to indulge in special spa treatments at home. There’s an endless range of Australian-made brands producing natural scrubs, scented body washes, moisturisers and masks; and we all need a bit of pampering! Alternatively, you can custom create your own spa treatments by exploring the world of DIY beauty products.

17 May 2016